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Sparks Court,

Clifton Rd,


West Sussex,

BN17 5AS

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Tel: 01903 713217

Email: lbsclub@tiscali.co.uk


Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am-12.00noon

Bar hours: 7.30-10.30pm


What  we offer:

3 Badminton Courts

3 Squash Courts

Table Tennis



Large Screen TV

Social Events

Club Opening Times



Saturday & Sunday


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We offer a range of different sessions which aim to cater for all standards and needs. As you can see from the list below, we offer both daytime and evening sessions aimed at achieving this.


Alternatively, members can use the booking sheets upstairs at the Club to book a court for their own use.


Club sessions are on all year round. If you would like more information about what we offer or about a particular session, please give Annette a call on 01903 713217 or pop in and see us in the mornings or in the evenings.

Badminton Sessions

The Club has regular badminton sessions on from Monday to Thursday, with other times available for booking. We also have a number of teams which compete in local leagues.




Pay & Play Badminton - 6.30-7.30pm, £2.50 Members, £2 Juniors, £4 Non-Members, £3 Junior Non-Members




Club Night (For Advanced/League Standard Players Only) - 7.30-10.00pm

   £5.00 Members, £4.00 Juniors, £6.50 Non-Members, £5.50 Junior Non-Members




Morning Club - 9.30-12.00, £3.50 Members. For details, click here


Club Night (All standards) - 7.00-8.00pm, Players feed the light meters and organise their own shuttles




Ladies Morning Badminton - 9.30-12.00, £3.50 Members.

   For more information, click here


Junior Coaching with Karen Chapman-Gain - 6.00-7.00pm, £2 per session


Club Night (All standards) - 8.00-11.00pm, £3.50 Members, £2.50 Juniors, £6.50 Adult Non-Members, £4 Junior Non-Members.




Drop-in badminton, squash and racketball - 6.30-8.30pm, £2 per hour for adults, £1 per hour for juniors. Non-members welcome.


If you require further information, please contact the Club. Non-members looking to attend a session are advised to get in contact with the Club, or attend a session for further information

Competitive play

For those interested in more competitive badminton, the Club runs a large number of teams in local leagues, covering mens, ladies and mixed doubles, as well as offering a junior team.


We have enjoyed much success over recent years and have won Littlehampton 'Adult Sports Team of the Year' numerous times.


The league runs from September to April, with matches in the evenings.


As well as this, the Club runs an annual Club tournament, open to all members, usually held in May.


For more information, contact the Club or come along on a Tuesday night.

Social play

A number of sessions are available for those looking for a more social session. Daytime sessions include players of various ability and will normally have tea/coffee and biscuits after playing.


What we offer...


For those looking to improve their game, the Club coach Karen Chapman-Gain offers private sessions for individuals, as well as the junior coaching on a Thursday.

On top of this, the Club organises occassional group coaching sessions. If this is of interest, please contact the Club for further information and we can put you in touch.